DNS Services


DNS is an abbreviated form of the Domain Name System.

The Turkish equivalent is known as the Domain Name System.

DNS decodes the IP address of a given machine name, allowing machines to communicate with host names on the Internet.
First of all, let's explain what is DNS. DNS (Domain Name System) is a very useful system that converts the site name you enter into your browser's address bar into the IP address of the site you want to enter and makes it easier than you can imagine surfing the internet.

For example, no one currently writes Google's residence address in its browser.
Instead, www.google.com writes and the DNS server redirects this address to the IP address.

We also offer a number of privileges for this service in our systems, for example, we provide advantages to provide a tertiary, quaternary back-up structure for a company that maintains DNS records in its own system and systems.

We can even offer the necessary infrastructure advantages for those who want to keep an extra redundant DNS from their own or other service providers.