Reseller Solutions


Hello Colleagues, partners, future dealers.

We have considered it appropriate not to prepare standard Dealer plans because of the high number of services we offer in cloud structure. We're using the system. HostingController HC10 Cloud Solutions Services - Hybrid Automation Solutions.

Thanks to this panel, you can create, sell, sell sub-dealers for yourself, sell sub-sellers for all the services mentioned below, take part in the Market Place sales site infrastructure for sales, receive direct payments with credit card and similar systems, and most importantly you can manage and report all from one panel to the finest detail.

Standard services:

- DNS Services
- Web Services (Windows, Linux) (Latest version operating systems, PHP, PERL, .Net)
- DataBase Services (MsSQL, MySQL)
- Standard POP3 IMAP e-mail services (Mail Enable engine)
- Mail Backup & amp; Relay services
- Virtual machine Services VDS (full management with VmWare system)

Corporate Services:

- Microsoft Exchange 2016 Hosting (Organization structure AD, fully panel management, Reporting)
- Microsoft SharePoint Portal Hosting (Organizational structure AD, fully panel management, Reporting)
- Microsoft Skype For Business (Hardly) Coming soon
- Active Directory Sync

If you would like to work with us and think about generating revenue from our systems, you can call us or contact us you can contact us.

You can be sure that we will find the best solution for you.